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Glossary's carefree attack on uptight, stringent music breathes new life into the pop medium. The talented quintet dips its brush into lo-fi folky ballads, jagged slacker anthems, and invigorating radio-ready singles, all the while staying true to their lovably crooked aesthetic of pop deconstruction.

Glossary is from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a town deemed as a future hot spot for rock musicians because of the music school there, but still full of Southern small-town frustrations: hence the name of their first full-length, 1998's Southern by the Grace of Location, on their own Champ Records. The band sounds like its members have commuted plenty of to neighboring North Carolina, specifically to Chapel Hill, as the energy of Superchunk and the melodies of Archers of Loaf figure prominently in their sound. Then factor in the subliminally soothing compositions of indie rockers like Yo La Tengo and Unrest, the cool pop sensibilities of college geek rock bands like Weezer, and the warm, fuzzy four-track-in-a-bedroom approach of the Palace Brothers. That's Glossary, a true amalgam of contemporary approaches. Delving into multiple styles and genres, the band alternates introspection and gloriously carelessness.

To top it off, Glossary's genuinely innovative use of subtle banjo, harmonica, and buried vibe organs makes for an aggressively unique sound that challenges both the listener and the critic. With multiple vocalists and eclectic, wandering narratives, Glossary constructs unpredictable soundscapes that contest current conceptions of pop.

The band features singer/guitarist Joey Kneiser, singer/keyboardist Maggie Gresham, bassist Bingham Barnes, guitarist Jason Manley, and guitarist/backup singer Gregory Jacks. The group released its second LP, This Is All We've Learned about Living, in 2000. It features "Counterculturism."

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