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Fuzz Townshend

A Brummie through and through (that's a native of Birmingham, England, for those not acquainted with the local tongue), Fuzz Townshend embarked on his drumming career aged 14. In his late teens, he was spotted by Richard March, bassist for Pop Will Eat Itself, with whom he subsequently spent four years touring. When March left to form Bentley Rhythm Ace, Townshend followed, again with drumsticks in his back pockets. With their slightly comical big beat sound, BRA gained big media support from the U.K. press and were duly signed to Norman Cook's growing Skint empire.

All this time Townshend was nurturing his solo career, which took off with the release of "Hello Darlin'." "Smash It," "Tasty Big Ed," and "Bus" followed closely thereafter, cementing Townshend's name as a primo breakbeat producer. His debut album, Far In, was released in the U.K. on Fruition Records and subsequently signed by Stinky in the U.S. The album's 15 tracks range from uptempo, ska-influenced big beat ("At Auntie Tom's"), to lazy downtempo dub ("Original Boom"), to feverish acid breakbeat ("Sister Brother") -- a little somethin' for anyone with a penchant for music with a broken beat.

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