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Future Pilot AKA

A million years ago, Sushil K. Dade was the bassist for the group of Glaswegian alternative rock heartthrobs known as The Soup Dragons (he also served in the Telstar Ponies and BMX Bandits). In the years since, Dade has admittedly (and obviously) become fascinated by the hypnotic Indian ragas of Ravi Shankar (Dade is, by the way, of Indian descent) and the reverb-drenched dub epics of Lee "Scratch" Perry, as well, perhaps, as the hippy-dippier side of late '60s and early '70s rock music, free jazz, the burgeoning IDM and drum and bass movements, and lots of other stuff. In order to scratch the itches generated by these sundry interests, Dade has assembled a loose agglomeration of notable musicians, who work under his direction to produce a virtually unclassifiable, ethereal, and entrancing brand of danceable pop music which borrows from all of these styles and many more. Over the course of a handful of Future Pilot AKA releases, said musicians have hailed from such diverse acts as The Fall, Cornershop, Two Lone Swordsman, Suicide, Belle and Sebastian, The Pastels, Teenage Fanclub, The Delgados, and the Bill Wells Octet -- an impressive list, indeed. Under Dade's leadership these assorted musicians seem to achieve a peculiar sort of synchronicity where anything is allowed and the results are often sublime.

Future Pilot AKA's Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea album, released in the fall of 2001, is the result of three days of recording in an old flour mill on the banks of the River Clyde with a cast of dozens (including members of B&S, Pastels, Teenage Fanclub, Delgados, and Bill Wells). Deeply peaceful and spiritual, the record is most obviously influenced by Indian song cycles, ragas, and chants, though there are forays into psychedelic folk-pop and euphoric jazz improvisation. As the album demonstrates, Dade has developed an exotic and truly unique style of music.

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