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Four Hundred Years

Four Hundred Years isn't just a band -- they're a violently beautiful force of hardcore pathos whose effect on audiences borders on the supernatural. Founded in Tuscon, Arizona from the wreckage the breakup of the seminal hardcore bands Groundwork and Policy of Three, the group soon relocated to Richmond, Virginia and quickly amassed a cult following. When these guys take the stage, audiences almost without fail respond viscerally and passionately to their slashing dual guitars, churning rhythms, and tortured emotions. It's forceful, angry noise, but not without moments of genuine tenderness and thoughtful reflection. What's more, the band uses all that energy and pathos to frame incisive social commentary and incendiary calls to action.

Four Hundred Years developed a cult following based on their promising self-titled debut full-length on Great American Steak Religion. After that record, the band moved to Virginia-based Lovitt and in 1998 put out a violent, emotionally draining sophomore effort, Transmit Failure, produced by notorious Burning Airlines leader J Robbins. In 2000, the group returned with The New Imperialism (featuring "Who's Driving This Thing Anyway?" These guys are tireless workers who have toured Europe, Japan, and the U.S. numerous times. Make sure to catch them when they come your way.