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Flowchart, n. 1. A schematic diagram or expository outline showing the progress of material through the various steps of a manufacturing process. 2. The succession of operations in a complicated activity.

You're floating along in a gondola under a brilliant blue sky full of little fluffy clouds when a canoe passes by carrying a bunch of backup singers and a piano. You're listening to their song when you notice a happy shining sun illuminating the comic book colors. That's Flowchart, a necessary layover in the jet-setting around the global pop scene. After Pizzicato Five twee-lounge pastiche and Air's sexy beats, there's New Jersey's dreamy Flowchart.

As with the previously mentioned bands, Flowchart would be nothing without ABBA (or Free Design, to name-check something equally as saccharine but more obscure), soaking their '70s drama queen fandango deep in playful irony.

"Nationwide Sleep Disorder" is the detailed outline of Sean O'Neal's quest for inner peace through super-ambient casio-core keyboard textures and maximized minimalism. It is the first track on Tenjira, the first of Darla's illustrious Bliss Out series. See also Commercial, O'Neal's collaboration with hollAnd, also available on Darla.

"Hero Wine" and "New Radiolab-Rip-Off" are from Flowchart's 1995 Carrot Top release, Multi-Personality Tabletop Vacation. "Envelopment Continuum" and "Rust a la Glare" are both from the 1997 release Cumulus Mood Twang, also on Carrot Top. "Gee Bee" is a single release on London's Endorphin imprint. "Jammin' on Tha One" is available exclusively here at