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The Fuzzy Box label does its part to bring artists together with the Matchmaker Via Remixology series. On number four in the series, everyone gets a piece of Fingernail, or more precisely, selections from their debut album So, Backwards (it's up to the listener to figure out which selections). Darla/Fuzzy Box artists Exhaleradeck and Tleilaxu step up the plate, as well as Junior Varsity KM, Bochum Welt, Flowchart, and others.

This album is a land mine in the landscape of contemporary electronic dance. The techno, downtempo, and drum and bass rhythms of the moment receive the fiercely original treatment and ambient conditioning rinse that you?ve come to expect from Darla Records/Fuzzy Box artists, with unusually high levels of bump and kick. Experienced in one sitting, as a whole, this album ranks up there with the best albums of world-class artists like the Orb, Aphex Twin, or Orbital. For the DJs, this album will provide outstanding new groove mileage for your trip hop, techno/electro/breaks, and drum and bass explorations (plus, it's conveniently available on vinyl).

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