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Partners Peter Parker and a man called Sneaky are Manchester's Fingathing, a musical duo crafting surprising sounds out of two turntables and one double bass. Sneaky is an accomplished bassist, melding classical training with a love of jazz and hip hop while Parker was discovered by Mark Rae (of U.K. production duo Rae & Christian) when he burst from nowhere to take second prize at a 1997 DMC Mixing Championship which Rae happened to be judging. Sneaky had already been performing with Rae & Christian's own expansive live act, and when Parker joined the fold the two hit it off immediately. After debuting with The Main Event, the duo dropped Superhero Music, a deft blend of Parker's turntable technique, more instrumental improvisation than technical wankery, and Sneaky's ridiculously ill and highly distorted basslines. Over the course of Superhero Music's 22 short tracks, Fingathing's sound veers from jazz to Queens Of The Stone Age-style stoner-rock to music of the Indian subcontinent, but it never sounds forced or dissonant. Sneaky's enormous bass grooves are the anchor while Parker's turntables bring in everything from drum beats and flute loops to orchestral flourishes, Catskills comedians, and waves of lightning-wristed scratch blasts. "Ogre" is a prime example, building a menacing slow-core hip hop groove from the unlikely source of a Bach-like organ fugue, before letting the funk loose in turntable and bass free-for-all.

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