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Film School

Film School flicked into existence in the summer of 1998, when guitarist Krayg Burton started converting some of his musical ideas into 1's and 0's. By the summer of 2000, Burton had quite a bit of material, so he headed into Black Eyed Pig Studios in San Francisco to record with the capable Kyle Statham (Fuck). At that time, Burton opened up his project to a number of local musicians, including Tim Mitchell (pinq), Scott Kannberg (Pavement, Preston School Of Industry), and Mauri Skinfill (Glitter Mini 9). The result was a gorgeous and sprawling atmospheric pop debut, modestly titled Brilliant Career.

Shortly after the release of their debut, Film School settled on a permanent five-piece lineup, enlisting drummer Ben Montesano (pinq), keyboardist Jason Ruck, guitarist Nyles Lannon (Reizoko, Splendorbin), and bassist Justin Labo (Current, Ottawa, Technicolor).

Film School has a flair for majestic, spellbindingly moody swirls of layered guitar and keyboards, which they juxtapose with driving, sometimes jagged guitar lines and schizophrenic keyboard melodies. The concoction works, capturing the heart and imagination of today's weary, isolated zeitgeist with a demure smirk and a dash of melancholy. Fans of the spooky pop of Sparklehorse or the technical accidents of Grandaddy will find peace with Brilliant Career and its myriad moods and pop abstraction.

"Activated" is pulled from Alwaysnever, the band's precursor to their second album, released on Kannberg's Amazing Grease label.

"American Turnip," "Not About a Girl," "Ume's Lament," and "Manville, CA" are culled from Film School's debut release Brilliant Career.