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Felix Da Housecat

Mr. Felix Stallings Jr. has come a long way from his humble beginnings as a timid 15-year-old Chicago DJ. Today he's among the most sought-after producers, DJs, and remixers anywhere. Felix got his start thanks to the support of his mentor, the legendary Chi-town acid house producer DJ Pierre, and never looked back, quickly becoming one of the more prolific artists in all of electronic music. To date, he has recorded as Aphrohead, Sharkimax, Wonderboy, Elektrikboy, Thee Madkatt Courtship, and 2 Black Ninjas (with K-Alexi), on numerous labels including Bush, Soma, Strictly Rhythm, PIAS, Nervous Records, and Djax, dabbling in house, techno, and all manner of kitsch dance music styles along the way.

Besides that he's founded an extraordinarily successful house imprint, Radikal Fear, home of such other Windy City notables as DJ Sneak and Mike Dunn. His remixing credits include Garbage, The Pet Shop Boys, and Diana Ross. And he did all that before turning 30! With such an impressive array of accomplishments to his name, there was only one thing left for him to do: take on the '80s, in his own unique fun-loving fashion.

Aiding him in that mission was the divine Miss Kittin, French chanteuse extraordinaire. The two met in mid 2000 at an Elektrikboy gig in Geneva, Switzerland, hit it off, and cut the track "Madame Hollywood" (which wound up making the subsequent Housecat album) the very next day. Inspired by the collaboration, Felix tapped Miss Kittin to make an entire album with him, recruiting a host of other electro stars from both sides of the Atlantic to aid them in their task. The resultant Kittinz and Thee Glitz is a sixteen-song foray into glibly retro nouveau disco that smartly appropriates the electro and New Wave sounds of the early '80s to create enjoyably glamorous dance music for the 21st century. Felix's already bright star got supernova-like in the wake of this extremely fashionable album, which immediately became a centerpiece of the booming nu-electro scene. Felix himself did the "Malibu Mix" of the Kittenz and Thee Glitz album cut "Silver Screen (Shower Scene)" which can be found on the flip side of the "Silver Screen" 12-inch single. Meanwhile, Emperor Norton commissioned an entire album of "Madame Hollywood" and "Silver Screen Shower Scene" remixes from such other immaculately hip underground dance names as Adult., Royksopp, Ladytron, and Ursula 1000. The angsty synth-pop "Mister Hollywood" mix of "Madame Hollywood" comes from Montreal based techno funkster and Turbo Recordings label boss Tiga.

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