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Fauna Flash

Fauna Flash (Christian Prommer and Roland Appel) has been at it much longer than you think. Take a look back and you'll find that they were an integral part of the early days of the now widely known Compost, contributing the label's seventh release, "Butterfly Catcher." Fast-forward to 2002, and the pair is making genre-defying tracks drawing from drum and bass, techno, jazz, and Latin alike. Their second album, Fusion, aims to roll all these influences into one soul-drenched musical journey. "Mother Nature" introduces the LP, inna dubby electronic stylee, with Vienna's own Sugar B laying down the "swound sound" vocals, while "Tel Aviv" is clearly the album's jazzy club favorite, having seen heavy play from international jocks like Gilles Peterson. Have a listen and see why this group is on the forefront of cutting-edge dance music. Also be sure to check their live sets for a great live drum and bass experience.

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