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Fatal Flying Guilloteens

Now, wouldn't you expect flying guillotines to be fatal? But this tautology is not the band's fault, as they took their name from an old kung fu movie. Quibbles aside, the name is intended to connote violence, danger, and fear, in order to give you a general sense of the group's sound, and in that respect, it succeeds admirably. What, you may ask, is so violent, dangerous, and frightening about the Fatal Flying Guillotines' sound? Could it be the blistering cow-punk guitar licks, hotter than a Phoenix sidewalk in midsummer? Perhaps the heavy low-end, more out of control than a trucker with a broken jake brake? Maybe the cacophonous percussion, like not-so-distant gunfire in the inner city night? Then of course there's the singer's vocal cord-savaging singing style. Not to mention the fact that they like to perform wearing identical Lone Ranger outfits.

The Texas quartet got started as a joke in the mid '90s, but people took them seriously, so after awhile they began to take themselves seriously too, at least seriously enough to stick together. They recorded a series of messy, raucous garage-punk EPs during the late '90s, then put out their first full album, The Now Hustle for New Diaboliks, in 2001. The record contains "Western Classic" and "Jump Up for the Get Down."