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Eskimo Kisses

Texas's Eskimo Kisses is a little less sedate than you might expect of a band with such an endearingly cute name. The trio has elected to go bassless, giving them a trebly free-floating sound. Singers Shar McLeod and Kevin Hauser build sweet vocal melodies and occasional harmonies which sky through the spring storm of their own angular, fuzzy guitars and Kevin Bybee's frenetic drumming. Comparisons to the Pixies are inevitable: the core of Eskimo Kisses' sound is melodious, quirky pop, which gets cloaked in thin layers of fuzzed-out punky noise. Eskimo Kisses also has a lot in common with more veteran indie rock bands like Spoon and Sixteen Deluxe.

Eskimo Kisses has one release to its credit thus far, the 2000 self-titled CDEP, which contains "Mod Art," "Pennsylvania," and "Elevator."

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