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Electric Frankenstein

Sure, Electric Frankenstein wear their influences on their proverbial sleeves. So what? They sure as hell ain't apologizing. Actually, the Jersey band has been known to celebrate those influences, covering, among others, The Misfits, The Dictators, Crime, and the Dead Kennedys. What they may lack in originality, though, EF more than make up for in pure bombasticity, producing a hair-raising, teeth-rattling sonic onslaught that resurrects countless good-looking rock and roll corpses, from squalid '60s garage groups to Who-style British Invasion bands to tarted up glamsters to vicious punk outfits, perhaps coming closest in overall sound and aesthetic to Iggy's legendary Stooges. The Stooges comparison is not intended to suggest, however, that there's anything sloppy or amateurish about Electric Frankenstein; when they sound sloppy or amateurish, it's a cultivated effect. But generally EF is one tight bastard of a band, continually reveling in their mighty fuzzed-out power.

The band's core members, guitarists Sal Canzonieri and Jim Foster and bassist Dan Canzonieri, formed Electric Frankenstein in 1992. The trio went through a succession of singers and drummers, finally settling on Steve Miller and Rob Sifcek. EF broke in with a series of singles and their 1994 debut LP, Conquers the World, and have been recording prolifically ever since, with 10 albums and nearly two dozen singles to their credit already. The Germs tribute song "A Singer's Blood/Naked Heat" (which lifts the rhythm from "Sex Boy") appears on their '98 Rock and Roll Monster album.