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Dwayne Sodahberk

Dwayne Sodahberk is a fresh face on the minimal techno scene championed by labels like Force Inc and Kompakt. With a handful of EPs for Stuporsonika and appearances on numerous compilations under his belt, he's been quietly making a name for himself since 2000 with driving techno pieces that incorporate ambient elements and occasional bursts of noise.

"Nu Maschine" appears on Tigerbeat6, Inc, a double-CD with contributions from Cex, Blectum from Blechdom, Lesser, Medicine, Noriko Tujiko, Twerk, Pimmon, Ted Sulkowicz, Kid606, Gold Chains, Languis, Daedelus, DAT Politics, Stars As Eyes, Mikael Stavostrand, Gamers in Exile, Stilluppsteypa, and more. Maybe it's just me, but if you listen closely it sounds like the computer voice in the song is saying, "you're so full of shit." Enjoy!

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