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Drill For Absentee

Drill for Absentee is a trio from the greater Philadelphia area that brushes a number of textures onto one canvas, being the Circle Music cdep. There are periods of angst with guitars and vocals that leave abrasions ala Drive Like Jehu. Then these same guitars and vocal chords reach a slow soft delicate pattern of soulful misunderstanding. Finally, right after you think you have figured them out, Drill meanders into a barren trail of quiet ranting such as from June of 44. The great majority of Circle Music was recorded at WGNS studio in Washington D.C. by the trusty audio pioneer Geoff Turner, and D.C. has indeed shown its influence on the recording and writing of this record. In this vein of music it is next to impossible not to pick-up a number of comparisons, Drill for Absentee does their own thing and does it well.

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