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Approaching abstract electronics from an outsider's point of view, Downpour deftly combines jagged shards of exploded, unquantized breaks, beats, and samples with a musicianly concept of composition. While Downpour's sound bears some superficial similarities to the fractured drum and bass of Plug, Squarepusher, and the Digital Hardcore crew, his meticulous attention to detail places his music in a sound world all of its own.

With "Go Back To Sleep" and "Tiny Wires," taken from the Destroy It Yourself EP on Drop Beat, the noise is even more corrosive, with layers of digital snow blanketing the high-speed breaks. Downpour has pushed even harder at all the accepted boundaries, crafting an EP that dares the noise-core crowd with its labyrinthine structure while also blasting the armchair listeners with its uncompromising approach to noise and disruption. Sounds come at you from all sides, confusing the mind and senses, perfectly mirroring modern urban life.

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