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This quartet from Brighton, England, clearly has a fetish for musical toys. The nostalgic pop of domestic4 (who also record as Formula One) brims over with a wild array of instrumentation -- drums click and tap as synths bubble over with space-age melodies, layers of dreamy vocal harmonies slide over the mix, and somehow the occasional steel drum or trumpet manages to work its way into the fray. But the effect is surprisingly well constructed and sweetly simple, like a cluttered Stereolab, or a more genuinely English Elf Power, or a Flaming Lips without the hard edges. Domestic4 has a heady, giddy sound that is reminiscent of a variety of musical influences without being derivative of any of them.

If domestic4's gauzy psychedelia reminds you of a trip to the seaside on a breezy day, or that old Beach Boys record you played over and over until your dad made you turn it off, it should come as no surprise to you that the band's first full album, Bungalow Ranch Style, was recorded entirely within the confines of their house on the English seafront. A 12-inch, Morse Code Harmonies, was domestic4's first release.

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