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DJ Sine

Platinum is without doubt one of the most influential and highly respected drum and bass club nights in the U.S. It jumpstarted the scene in Philadelphia and has spawned two heroes in the process, Dieselboy and DJ Sine. Dieselboy has graduated from underground DJ icon to hugely successful producer in a short space of time, with releases under his belt already for Moonshine, Tech Itch, and Palm Pictures. The transition for DJ Sine hasn?t been quite so dramatic, yet his debut for San Francisco based label Elite Recordings indicates a star in the making.

Sine?s rich musical background combines a love of ambient music, live industrial performances, and a residency at Cloud 9 in Pittsburgh. He broke into drum and bass during the summer of ?97 with the help of Nick at Bulletproof Recordings, who commissioned a mixtape from Sine for his label. It was this tape, in part, that led to Sine?s residency at Platinum and his subsequent exposure to the best U.K. talent including Bailey, Tech Itch, Usual Suspects, and Ed Rush.

While his music falls into the category of harder edged tech step, it retains a distinct memory of his ambient past. Manifested through minimal, textured sound scapes, this element of his production gives him an important edge and will appeal to fans of Stakka and Skynet, Optical, and Red One. DJ Sine: a name to watch.

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