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DJ Revolution with Evidence

If DJ Revolution was merely the on-air DJ for Sway and King Tech's "The Wake Up Show," it would be reason enough for his fame. The world famous syndicated weekly hip hop show has helped break a record or two in its day, and Revolution has been the one manning the ones and twos for the past couple of years. But Revolution has been a master of his trade for quite some time, and he has been able to attract the spotlight without the help of Sway and Tech. The scratches he provided for crews like Styles Of Beyond and Dilated Peoples (he did masterful cut manipulation on their classic single "Work the Angles") have been some of the best in recent years.

So now, with the help of Dilated's Evidence, Revolution has dropped a 12-inch with tracks titled "Evolution" and "Revidence" (get it?). Evidence and Joey Chavez's track "Evolution" has a rougher edge to it, with a thumping, itchy bass line foundation and haunting keys. In contrast, vibe samples, keyboard sprinkles, and Revolution's beat make "Revidence" sound smooth and mellow. The track wraps up with an ill scratching solo by Revolution.

On both tracks, Evidence handles the first verse, while the second verse features give and take between Evidence and Revolution. The components are real simple: beats, lyrics, and cuts.

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