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DJ Rasoul

DJ Rasoul is a San Francisco producer who needs no introduction. But for those who may have had their heads in the sand for the past few years, he is a veteran of the Bay Area house movement who paid his dues with 3rd Floor Productions in the early '90s before moving with them to the U.K. Since returning to the Bay, he has recorded for reputable house imprints such as Large, Guidance Recordings, Panhandle, Leaf Recordings and Naked Music, among others.

"Love's Theme," released on Grayhound Records, is produced with Rasoul's signature deep bass flows and crisp high hat arrangements. This is the perfect track for the late-night set. Rasoul delves deep into his record crates for the '70s samples on "Chicago Masters," "Lower Haight Funk," and "Pride and Joy, all recorded for Haight Street-based record shop-cum-label Zebra. This will please both '70s disco fans and deep house players alike. Booming house music!