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DJ Micro

Some producers DJ, and some DJs produce, but few are as famous for both as DJ Micro. Having jumpstarted the scene in New York some 10 years ago, Micro can be seen every weekend playing alongside such luminaries as Frankie Bones, Adam X, Scott Henry, James Christian, and Onionz and Master D. He co-runs the prolific Caffeine Records and is one of Moonshine's most prized possessions.

He made the transition from DJ to producer with the aid of Vicious Vic, the two of them forming Progression. Their hit single "Reach Further" was met with international acclaim and major independent giant Moonshine, not wanting to be outdone, signed Micro to their ever-increasing roster of high profile artists. Since then, Micro has been commissioned by world-renowned labels, from Open (an offshoot of the Ministry of Sound imprint), Strictly Rhythm, Nervous, Black Sunshine, and Adrenaline.

His production is characterized by strong dance floor-friendly breaks, hard acid loops, and catchy vocodes, falling somewhat neatly into the hard epic trance category. This is prime time music for the big sound system, pure and simple. Rave on!

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