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DJ Dan and Dano

DJ Dan is among the world's most loved dance DJs. His career has exploded in recent years, thanks to his nonstop performing in both Europe and the U.S. '99 was a great year for DJ Dan. He watched "That Zipper Track" stampede up the dance charts and remain there for an eternity. Dan has also remixed numerous projects for fellow artists, including Cirrus, Keoki, Carl Cox, Deep Red, and the Freestylers.

Meanwhile, Dano has been quietly blowing up on the club circuit ever since he made the pilgrimage from Sun Valley, Idaho to the Bay Area in '94. He made his name in a number of different roles, including club promoter and DJ, and more recently, producer, A&R scout, and label boss. His Red Melon imprint has been causing a major stir on both sides of the Atlantic, and his own production work has led to a number of overseas signings to labels such as Low Pressings, Moody, Elektric Soul, Grayhound, and Siesta.

Together, DJ Dan and Dano team up on Red Melon for "Crash On Mars," a track originally written for the '97 Mayday festival in Germany. This version was released as a limited edition vinyl pressing so this may be one of the only places you will be able to hear it (other than it being played out at a club of course). Thunderous four-to-the-floor beats combine with pitched up hip hop breaks, helicopter synths, and harsh acid basslines. The perfect track for any number of German festivals, I would imagine.

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