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DJ Assault

Belle Isle Tech, the debut full-length for DJ Assault on Mo' Wax, is true ghetto music. At 160 BPM, it fuses the pace of drum and bass with the drive of techno and the dance floor sensibilities of house. It is championed by the inner-city clubbers of Detroit and Chicago, who pack the clubs on a weekly basis, and criticized by Detroit techno heroes Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May for being the lowest common denominator of dance music. Spearheading the movement are the likes of Disco D, DJ Godfather, Gary Chandler, and these boys DJ Assault (the moniker of deck technicians Craig Adams and Ade Mainor).

The duo takes the sound of the capital of booty-bass, Miami -- think 2 Live Crew, gargantuan sound systems, oiled-up convertibles, and micro bikinis -- and brings it bang up to date with a large dose of inner city Detroit attitude. While the lyrics are not exactly PC -- take tracks like "Ass N Titties," "Dick By The Pound," "Drop Dem Panties," and "Big Booties Hoes And Sluts Too," all featured on Belle Isle Tech -- there's no doubting the high quality of production and pure dance floor energy. The "Disco Guitar Remix," at under two minutes, is the perfect introduction to this new genre. If you can handle the lyrics, you might just find yourself a new sound to explore.

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