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DJ? Acucrack

DJ? Acucrack is the forward-thinking Chicago team of beat maestro and songwriter Jason Novak and producer Jamie Duffy. The Crack, as they are affectionately known, began as a side project to Novak and Duffy's industrial rock band Acumen Nation, which has toured with legendary acts like Lords of Acid, Skrew, KMFDM, and Ministry.

They're not true DJs -- the "?" in DJ? Acucrack refers to the group's preference for making their own tracks, as opposed to just spinning other people's. Along with production work, Novak and Duffy's spontaneous live PAs have been known to convert even the most finicky drum and bass enthusiasts to a life of crackdom. Mostly filled with gritty in-your-face D&B, the group's fourth album The Dope King sounds much in tune with tech-step heavyweights Dom and Roland, Technical Itch, Decoder, and Usual Suspects. The drum programming on The Dope King never gets cookie-cutter and the album's leanings into the breakbeat, techno, and ambient arenas prove that The Crack's talents are not just limited to 2/4 timing.

The duo's alarming earlier albums include Mutants of Sound, Sorted, and The Mutants Are Coming... Acucrack's music definitely provides a good soundtrack for getting your head kicked in; The Crack demands respect and should have no trouble finding it.

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