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Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dieselboy is widely recognized as one of the champions of the U.S. drum and bass scene. He has been playing drum and bass since its inception in the early '90s and built his reputation in the underground scene through a series of now-legendary mixtapes. Dieselboy (real name Damian Higgins) has risen to global prominence since those days, but his name continues to stand for a commitment to the most innovative underground sounds.

Regularly billed as "America's Number One Jungle DJ," Dieselboy is helping to bring the U.S. scene out from the U.K.'s shadow. A pioneer of the drum and bass movement, Dieselboy sees himself not just as an entertainer, but also as an educator. As a DJ, he has access to the latest dub plates and one-off pressings of unreleased tracks, so he can always play the freshest sounds.

Dieselboy's influence was recognized at the '98 Global DJ Mix Awards, where he tied with LTJ Bukem for the honor of "Best Drum and Bass DJ." He is the first American DJ to have received this honor.

Decoder's slamming two-step rework of "The Descent" is featured on Dieselboy's Moonshine mix CD System Upgrade. Future Cut lends his pioneering drum and bass production style to "Invid," the original of which is featured on Dieselboy's latest endevour for Palm, The 6ixth Session.