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Some might be keen on labeling Deseparecidos as the noisy garage band flipside of Bright Eyes (Connor Oberst's better-known, sometimes angst-ridden, but mostly quiet and soulful alter ego). While there's certainly there's truth to that, it's worth listening to this group with fresh ears. Oberst's patented quivering screams and supernova, lip-biting anger are still striking, but the new setting changes their impact.

"Greater Omaha," from Desaparecidos' 2002 debut album Read Music/Speak Spanish illustrates the point better than I can with words. What starts off as an energetic and almost U2-esque discussion about life in Omaha turns into an all-out emocore explosion of screams and speed-punk.

Oberst's vocals tie it all together but the rest of the band has a lot to offer. They include Denver Dalley, Landon Hedges (of The Good Life), Ian McElroy and Matt Baum (both have toured with Bright Eyes) and their instrumental support of Oberst's anguished social criticism is dramatic.

If you're a fan of Bright Eyes or wish the group was backed up by a few more Marshalls, Desaparecidos will definitely treat you right.