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Denver McCarthy

Denver McCarthy is already a well-traveled and celebrated hero on his side of the world. Originally hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, he now resides in Brisbane, Australia. His work mirrors his life, mapping the highs, lows, and contemplative mid-periods the human mind travels through in the quest for spiritual elevation. In his mid-20's he maps out interior monologues with a sensitivity that is rare for his age. McCarthy is known internationally in the performance arena, and has built a reputation for himself in techno circles, releasing material in the U.S. on Lenny Dee's notorious IST label as Mechanism and in New Zealand on Kog Transmissions under the moniker Micronism.

His production methodology has been described over the years as quirky and even alchemic, and he says his equipment list tends to change every few months. While McCarthy has matured as a producer after growing up in the rave scene creating, increasingly thoughtful and introspective material, he still kicks a hard track with scalding strength, celebrating fury as well as dreams. "Rainbow City," signed to the Brooklyn-based Statra Recordings, is a deep winding Detroit electro-inspired techno track produced with considerable intelligence and attention to detail. "Evergreen" and "Particle Shuffle" are taken from McCarthy's solo effort, Rise and Shine.