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David Hurn

Welsh-born songwriter David Hurn's music is gloomy, but there's always an ember of good fortune glowing within the darkness. After releasing his debut single "Sick of Hate" on Day Release Records, Hurn began to surface such places as Berlin art galleries playing improvisational guitar. After another Day Release single in 2001, Hurn signed to the classic Fire Records, where he first released the EP No Love in the summer of 2002 while supporting Mark Eitzel on tour. Hurn's sultry September 2002 debut album He Is A Woman charts a steady and rainy path with its delicate songs. Occasional boisterous uprisings of U.K. folk quicken the pulse briefly from time to time, before the album seeps back into its lulling melancholy. Hurn conducts tragic ebbs of beauty that are somehow comforting and warm.

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