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Darkest Hours

Darkest Hours make garage rock that's drenched with fuzz, reverb, and good humor. Drummer and housepainter Peggy O'Neill keeps the beats tight and simple, bassist and band gigolo Art Boonparn (who also spends time in the Ramparts) lays down a fat and fuzzy thump, and J. Matthew Uhlman (who also does double duty in the Royal Pendletons) sings straight from the heart, even if he's not always right on key. But that's the beauty of garage: it doesn't have to be polished and pretty to get the kids dancing, and it doesn't have to be tough and angry to shake the paint cans right off the shelves.

"Dedication" is a simple and silly tribute to dedicated musicians and fans alike. Uhlman presents a rambling monologue that praises audience and band members alike. It's sweet and fun, just like Darkest Hours. This song is from the N.O.-Fi compilation, a co-release from Turducken and Root Beer Extract Records that showcases the best in New Orleans garage, surf, and punk music. All performances on the album were recorded live at the Mermaid Lounge.

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