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Crescent is the brainchild of one Matt Jones, whom few people have met in person. This album was recorded at his home on a reel-to-reel 8 track. Jones also used a community hall down the road as a makeshift studio. Crescent is part of the Bristol underground that also spawned Flying Saucer Attack, Movietone, and Amp. Crescent also features members and ex-members of the above bands. Sam Jones played guitar in an early incarnation of Flying Saucer Attack. Matt Jones played bass on the first Amp album. Both Sam and Matt are currently members of Movietone, who have released critically lauded records on Domino and Drag City.

Crescent plays extremely personal music that is post-everything, ranging from dubbed-out moonscapes to barely-there piano ballads to dissonant wall-of-noise clangor. So if your idea of fun includes listening to bands like This Heat, Bark Psychosis, Mark Hollis/Talk Talk, Keith Hudson, Joy Division, early Factory records, or Nico, then, boy this is for you. Crescent has previously released three records stateside on Atavistic. Collected Songs is their first record in two years.

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