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Compound Red

Milwaukee's Compound Red is an urgent guitar band whose sleek and driving arrangements are enveloped in a passionate aura that is simultaneously mercurial, emotional, and irresistible. The music and vocals alternate between ferocious energy and plaintive yearning, a battle cry for the broken-hearted. Reminiscent of a less forceful Jawbox and with elements of the band Lync, Compound Red are an indie punk outpouring of fever and need.

Though they broke up in early 1999 -- much to the dismay of fans everywhere -- Compound Red left behind several artifacts of their greatness, including a contribution to the Postmarked Stamps singles series on Tree Records, singles on Hardspun Records, Clique Records, and DeSoto Records, and the 1999 DeSoto full-length Always a Pleasure, which features "Open Air Arms."