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Philadelphia's Caterpillar plays the music you ought to have heard after smoking pot with a bunch of people you really didn?t really know in someone's dorm room your freshman year of college -- but probably didn't hear Caterpillar. Maybe you were listening to Superchunk instead. Anyway, Caterpillar's sound centers around their appreciation of how much fun guitars can be: they can go up and they can go down, they can be soft and they can be loud, and you can do some pretty wacky soloing on them should the mood possess you -- but whatever they're doing, they tend to sound pretty good. Along with all this guitar love comes some pretty great sounding bass playing, helter skelter drumming, and cheerful vocals about various and sundry goofy subjects.

The larval foursome has been playing together since the mid-'90s. They've got a string of seven-inches and three full-lengths to their credit. The most recent of these is called Peace, Love and Popularity, and it features "Nimble Tongs Walt" and "Pine Cone."

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