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Bryan Rombalski

Bryan Rombalski is a jazz guitarist that was trained classically and played in the rock band Couture. Rombalski recorded three solo albums, Nozomi, Devotion, and The Awakened Heart. He has been working as a music teacher and gigs with his band, Three Worlds. Rombalski and his fellow musicians are not afraid to blend jazz fusion, pop, swing, blues, world music (Latin, Indian, African, etc.), rock (Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles covers are not uncommon), and many other styles.

Bryan Rombalski & Three Worlds released an album called The Journey in 2007, and Rombalski's 2011 album Two Steps Closer to Zen is full of new collaborations. The all-star line-up includes Three Worlds' bassists Ryan Fitzgerald and Mitchell Atkinson, percussion and keyboardist Eddy Garcia, drummers Matt Burgie and Marcus Hunter, bass and keyboardist Richard Marcell, vocalist Sangeeta Kar, violinist Bill Milicevic, and saxophonist Vickie Bowden. "Mr. Z" is dedicated to Joe Zawinul of Weather Report.