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Break out the kaleidoscope and dig your toes into the shag carpet as Beulah transmits the sound of the Elephant Six Collective. Like their brethren The Olivia Tremor Control, The Apples in Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Elf Power, Beulah is a trippy pop explosion drawing influence from albums such as The Beatles' Revolver and The Kinks' The Village Green Preservation Society.

Beulah adds a melee of percussion, strings, horns, and a ton of other instruments to most of their songs without sacrificing the lovely melodies. Beulah is a necessity for fans of the sixties pop and/or THC.

"If We Can Land a Man on the Moon Surely I Can Win Your Heart" is from the 1999 Sugar Free Records album When Your Heartstrings Break. "My Horoscope Said It Would Be a Bad Year" is from the 1998 Inbred: Sounds of the San Joaquin Valley compilation on Future Farmer.

In 2001, Beulah returned with its first new material in two years, in the form of their The Coast Is Never Clear release on Velocette. (For a chance to win The Coast Is Never Clear-related goodies, click here.) It features plenty of their patented horn-happy pop rave-ups and a few loungy piano-laced numbers, with the ever-so-slightly countrified "Gravity's Bringing Us Down" falling somewhere in between.