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Badar Ali Khan

Qawwali music's infectious rhythms, hypnotic percussion, and vocal improvisation have amazed listeners for over a thousand years. Qawwali is the musical element of Sufism, a mystical branch of Islam. Qawwali masters are guides on a journey that is meant to bring the listener to another plane of consciousness. Featuring instruments such as harmonium, tabla, dholak, saringda, and rabab, Qawwali is a music characterized by repetitive beats and spiritual call-and-response lyrics often comprised of poems and observations of Sufi philosophers.

For generations, a series of gifted male vocalists from the Khan family of Pakistan has led the art form. Thanks to the efforts of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Qawwali now enjoys unprecedented popularity across the globe. Since his passing in 1997, Badar Ali Khan has risen to fill the shoes of his older cousin. Born in 1968, Badar Ali Khan has released 22 albums in Pakistan and handful of releases in the rest of the world. Listening to him, one can sense that Qawwali has undergone centuries of refinement to approach musical perfection. Qawwali's repetitive grooves and driving, intircate, perpetually shifting beats have proven to fascinate fans of modern dance music and traditional music alike. As at a back porch jam at Otha Turner's house, here one gets the sense that the communication between the performers is entirely intuitive.

Lost in Qawwali III is the third in a series of releases which feature traditional instrumentation but sound remarkably modern and current. It is also his first for the esteemed Birdman Records.

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