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B-Boy 3000 B-Boy 3000 B-Series B-Series B. Fleischmann B. Fleischmann B.B. Cunningham B.B. Cunningham B.B. King B.B. King Baaba Maal Baaba Maal Babe Rainbow Babe Rainbow Bablicon Bablicon BABY BABY Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Monster Baby Monster Babylon Whores Babylon Whores Bachelorette Bachelorette Bad Brains Bad Brains Bad Company Bad Company Badar Ali Khan Badar Ali Khan Badawi Badawi Badly Drawn Boy Badly Drawn Boy Baio Baio Balance and Composure Balance and Composure Balance Man Balance Man Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Bald Rapunzel Bald Rapunzel Balkan Beat Box Balkan Beat Box Balkans Balkans Balmorhea Balmorhea Band of Ones Band of Ones Banjo Or Freakout Banjo Or Freakout Barcelona Barcelona Bare Beats Bare Beats Bare Mutants Bare Mutants Bare Wires Bare Wires Barn Owl Barn Owl Barracuda Barracuda Barretso Barretso Barrio Lindo Barrio Lindo Bart Davenport Bart Davenport Barzin Barzin Basement Jaxx Basement Jaxx Bass Age Bass Age Bass Drum of Death Bass Drum of Death Bat for Lashes Bat for Lashes Baths Baths BATS BATS Bats and Mice Bats and Mice Battles Battles BBU BBU Beach Fossils Beach Fossils Beach House Beach House Beachwood Sparks Beachwood Sparks Beans Beans Bear In Heaven Bear In Heaven Bear Mountain Bear Mountain Bears Bears Beast in the Field Beast in the Field Beat Culture Beat Culture Beat Happening Beat Happening Beats Antique Beats Antique Bebel Gilberto Bebel Gilberto Beck Beck Bedhead Bedhead Bedroom Heroes Bedroom Heroes Behind Sapphire Behind Sapphire Beirut Beirut Belgrave Belgrave Bell Bell Bell X1 Bell X1 Belle and Sebastian Belle and Sebastian Bellini Bellini Ben Davis Ben Davis Ben Howard Ben Howard Ben Kweller Ben Kweller Ben Mono Ben Mono Ben Nevile Ben Nevile Ben Wa Ben Wa Benett Benett Bent Halos Bent Halos Bent Leg Fatima Bent Leg Fatima BenZel BenZel Berliner Theorie Berliner Theorie Bert Kenerson Bert Kenerson Bertrand Burgalat Bertrand Burgalat Beth Hirsch Beth Hirsch Betty Davis Betty Davis Beulah Beulah Bevel Bevel Beyond Beyond Bibio Bibio Biffy Clyro Biffy Clyro Big Baby Gandhi Big Baby Gandhi Big Black Big Black Big Harp Big Harp Big K.R.I.T. Big K.R.I.T. Big Scary Big Scary Big Science Big Science Big Sir Big Sir Big Youth Big Youth Big'n Big'n Biiko Biiko Bikini Bikini Bikini Kill Bikini Kill Bil Vermette Bil Vermette Bilge Pump Bilge Pump Bill Callahan Bill Callahan Bill Monroe Bill Monroe Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat Billie the Vision & the Dancers Billie the Vision & the Dancers Billy Childish Billy Childish Billy Childish and Dan Melchior Billy Childish and Dan Melchior Billy Mahonie Billy Mahonie Bingo Trappers Bingo Trappers Birddog Birddog Bisybackson Bisybackson Bitch and Animal Bitch and Animal Bitch Magnet Bitch Magnet Bitter Springs Bitter Springs BJ the Chicago Kid BJ the Chicago Kid Bjork Bjork Black Box Recorder Black Box Recorder Black Cobra Black Cobra Black Eagle Child Black Eagle Child Black Lips Black Lips Black Marble Black Marble Black Mob Group Black Mob Group Black Moth Super Rainbow Black Moth Super Rainbow Black Mountain Black Mountain Black Star Black Star Black Star Liner Black Star Liner Black Tambourine Black Tambourine Blackbird Blackbird Blackbird Blackbird Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blane Fonda Blane Fonda Blaqstarr Blaqstarr Blasted Canyons Blasted Canyons Blectum from Blechdom Blectum from Blechdom Blind Melon Blind Melon Blipvert Blipvert Blitzen Trapper Blitzen Trapper Bloc Party Bloc Party Blonde Redhead Blonde Redhead Blondes Blondes Bloodiest Bloodiest Blue Aeroplanes Blue Aeroplanes Blue Boy Blue Boy Blue Hawaii Blue Hawaii Blue Six Blue Six Blue Sonix Blue Sonix Bluebird Bluebird Blueshift Blueshift Bluetip Bluetip Blur Blur Bo Square Bo Square Bob Manning Bob Manning Bob Wills Bob Wills BOBBY BOBBY Bobby and Blumm Bobby and Blumm Bobby Birdman Bobby Birdman Bobby Hughes Combination Bobby Hughes Combination Bobby Womack Bobby Womack Bochum Welt Bochum Welt Bodies of Water Bodies of Water Body Language Body Language Boilermaker Boilermaker Bomb The Bass Ft. Shawn Lee Bomb The Bass Ft. Shawn Lee Bombay Bicycle Club Bombay Bicycle Club Bon Iver Bon Iver Bondax Bondax Bonnie Prince Billy Bonnie Prince Billy Books Lie Books Lie Bootleggers Quartet Bootleggers Quartet Boots Electric Boots Electric Boozoo Bajou Boozoo Bajou Boredoms Boredoms Boris Boris Born Gold Born Gold Boswick Gates Boswick Gates Bottomless Pit Bottomless Pit Bovine Life Bovine Life Bowerbirds Bowerbirds Bowery Electric Bowery Electric Bows Bows Boxeur the Coeur Boxeur the Coeur Boxharp Boxharp Boy Things Boy Things Boy's Life Boy's Life Boyfrndz Boyfrndz Boyracer Boyracer Braid Braid Braids Braids Brainiac Brainiac Bran Van 3000 Bran Van 3000 Brandun DeShay Brandun DeShay Brass Knuckles for Tough Guys Brass Knuckles for Tough Guys Brassy Brassy Bratmobile Bratmobile Breakbot Breakbot Breathe Owl Breathe Breathe Owl Breathe Brendan Costigane Brendan Costigane Brendon Canty and Jerry Busher Brendon Canty and Jerry Busher Brenmar Brenmar Brent Laurence Brent Laurence Brian and Chris Brian and Chris Brick + Mortar Brick + Mortar Brick Layer Cake Brick Layer Cake Bride of No No Bride of No No Bridge Underwater Bridge Underwater Bridges and Powerlines Bridges and Powerlines Bright Eyes Bright Eyes Bright Moments Bright Moments Brightblack Morning Light Brightblack Morning Light Brilliant Colors Brilliant Colors BRKF$T CLUB BRKF$T CLUB Brokeback Brokeback Broken Records Broken Records Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene Broken Spindles Broken Spindles Bromheads Jacket Bromheads Jacket Brooms Brooms Brother George Brother George Brother Mitya Brother Mitya Brothomstates Brothomstates Broughton's Rules Broughton's Rules Brown Bird Brown Bird Brown Recluse Brown Recluse Brown Shoe Brown Shoe Bruce Haack Bruce Haack Brujeria Brujeria Bry Webb Bry Webb Bryan Rombalski Bryan Rombalski BS2000 BS2000 BT BT Buck (Sweden) Buck (Sweden) Buck (U.S.) Buck (U.S.) Buckeye Knoll Buckeye Knoll Buffalo Daughter Buffalo Daughter Buffalo Tom Buffalo Tom Bufo Bufo Bug Orchestra Bug Orchestra Bugge Wesseltoft Bugge Wesseltoft Built To Spill Built To Spill Buke & Gase Buke & Gase Bunkbed Bunkbed Burakumin Burakumin Burd Early Burd Early Burial Burial Buried Beds Buried Beds Burning Airlines Burning Airlines Burning Hearts Burning Hearts Burnside Project Burnside Project Busdriver Busdriver Butch Cassidy Sound System Butch Cassidy Sound System Butti 49 Butti 49 Buttless Chaps Buttless Chaps Button Happy Button Happy Buttons and Mindy Buttons and Mindy Buzzcocks Buzzcocks By the End of Tonight By the End of Tonight The Back Pockets The Back Pockets The Bama Lamas The Bama Lamas The Baptist Generals The Baptist Generals The Beatings The Beatings The Bees The Bees The Beets The Beets The Belle Brigade The Belle Brigade The Beta Band The Beta Band The Better Automatic The Better Automatic The Big Pink The Big Pink The Big Sleep The Big Sleep The Binary System The Binary System The Bingers The Bingers the birD day the birD day The Birdwatcher The Birdwatcher The Black Angels The Black Angels The Black Dog The Black Dog The Black Halos The Black Halos The Black Heart Procession The Black Heart Procession The Black Sea The Black Sea The Black Twig Pickers The Black Twig Pickers The Blame The Blame The Blow The Blow The Blue Noise Remix Project The Blue Noise Remix Project The Bo-Keys The Bo-Keys The Bobbyteens The Bobbyteens The Books The Books The Boom The Boom The Boxer Rebellion The Boxer Rebellion The Boy Illinois The Boy Illinois The Bros. vs. Shah vs. Automator The Bros. vs. Shah vs. Automator The Bruisers The Bruisers The Budwrestlers The Budwrestlers The Bullits The Bullits The Busy Signals The Busy Signals