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Mesmeric Enabling Device is a one-off collaborative outing between three stalwarts of isolationist techniques. Nigel Ayers comes from his chameleon-like Nocturnal Emissions project. Mick Harris has been the malevolent force behind Scorn, Painkiller, Lull, and the earliest recordings of Napalm Death. John Everall has worked as Tactile and is also the label boss of Sentrax Recordings.

After exchanging material, the trio set to work reconfiguring one another's drones, faint pulses, and stretches of sublime darkness into seven bleak pieces. While the title suggests some charmed machine that might have deleterious effects on the user, the album as a whole sets its sights not on this world but on the cold vacuums of the universe's nether regions.

"Mesmeric Enabling Device #1" was reconstructed by John Everall and Mick Harris, using source material from Nigel Ayers. "Mesmeric Enabling Device #2" was reconstructed by Nigel Ayers, using source material from John Everall and Mick Harris.

You may also wish to check out selections from Oedipus Brain Foil by Storey/Ayers/Greif, Nigel Ayers's collaboration with Robin Storey and Randy Greif.