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At The Drive-In

After releasing several records on the Orange County punk label Fearless Records, At the Drive-In brought its theatrical blend of punk rock and social revolution to Grand Royal. You could call them El Paso, Texas's worst-kept secret. Their raw, explosive power dominates all of their records, but it blasts still brighter in their head-turning live shows. Combining the fury of Rage Against the Machine and the dub-influenced post-punk of Fugazi, At the Drive-In goes beyond any simplistic genre classifications. This is the soundtrack for a complex, thoughtful, and passionate underground revolt. At the Drive-In won't just firebomb your consciousness, they'll ignite it from within, imprinting the deepest recesses of your brain with their searing guitars and relentless rhythms.

The furious and emotional tracks "Pattern Against User" and "One Armed Scissor" offer a taste of the pure sonic power of At the Drive-In's first Grand Royal full-length, Relationship of Command. The record is an arresting sonic attack, highlighted by vocalist Cedric Bixler's confrontational, rhythmic, rapid-fire delivery. At the Drive-In has been touring relentlessly throughout the country and around the world. Don't miss them when they amaze an audience near you.