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Since 1983, Charlotte-based destructo-core quartet Antiseen has ruled the redneck rock roost. Not a whole lot has changed since these guys first strapped on their guitars and plugged in together; peripheral members have come and gone, but the main guys, vocalist Mad Dog Jeff Clayton and guitarist Mighty Joe Young, have stuck it out, retaining the band's trademark wall of sleazy, sinister, country-fried noise and its crude 'n' absurd sense of humor. Sophisticated they ain't, but tough, rough, and funny as hell they most definitely are. Clayton's vocals are menacing and often genuinely alarming until you listen carefully to the words he's singing, which are generally designed to offend some influential social group (i.e. animal rights lobbyists, Christian fundamentalists, etc.). Around his voice the band's virulent hardcore attack swells like a dark animal recently escaped from hell.

Over the years Antiseen has made more than a dozen albums and released countless seven-inches and splits. The band's members have also pursued numerous side projects, including a collaboration with the infamous G.G. Allin before his unfortunate death in 1993. More recently, in the grand tradition of Jello Biafra and Frank Zappa, Young sought public office in the 2000 election, running for the North Carolina House of Representatives on the Libertarian ticket and even receiving 16 percent of the vote. Also in 2000, the band put out Southern Hostility/Eat More Possum, a reissue of two of their early '90s albums. Antiseen's "Suicide Boogie" comes from the TKO Records compilation Punchdrunk II.

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