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Anthony Rochester

Anthony Rochester hails from Down Under, specifically, the little island of Tasmania, just off the southeastern (most populous) corner of the Australian continent, but his geographic isolation doesn't seem to have sheltered him from the wonky melodies and kitschy arrangements of '60s Western Hemisphere lounge-pop. Or '90s experimental pop, depending on who you're talking to. If you're talking to Rochester, he might point you towards the latter, as he readily admits the influence of Stereolab on his music. Rochester's voluble, occasionally cuddly little boy vocals definitely set his rich compositions a few paces away from those of the Francophilic nouveau easy listening ensemble, however. The loungy, mellifluous, slightly psychedelic pieces on his adroitly titled debut LP, Music for Listening and Relaxation, shimmer with eclectic instrumentation, prominently featuring trombone, electric piano, and violin in addition to the expected instruments, nearly all played by Rochester. The decidedly Stereolabish "Introductory Music" and the loveable "Teddy Bear" both come from that release.

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