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Anthony Braxton

Born in 1945, Anthony Braxton began studying music at age 17. In 1966, after playing clarinet and alto saxophone in the military, Braxton moved to Chicago and became involved with the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. In 1968, he formed his own group, the Creative Construction Company, with Leroy Jenkins and Leo Smith, and released his first record, Three Compositions of New Jazz. Braxton was an integral part of Chicago's experimental jazz movement, his work often standing in opposition to the more established movement led by John Coltrane in New York. He has mastered just about every reed instrument, and in the 1990s, also began performing his compositions on the piano. Braxton is currently a tenured professor at Wesleyan University.

138B african violets,118A intervallic, and Round Bout Midnight come from Braxton's 19 [Solo] Compositions, 1988, an album featuring the pure unadulterated sounds of his alto saxophone. Every breath and note on this recording is imbued with an undeniable feeling of life and vitality. When under the spell of Braxton's saxophone, little else in the world matters.