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Antenne is the project of Kim Hansen, a former member of industrial groups Institute for the Criminally Insane and Grind. Hansen got his start making experimental four-track recordings armed solely with a bass, but eventually began working with guitar and computers and soon founded Antenne. With his new group he created a sound that falls somewhere between Bjork, Portishead, and Fridge -- it's a mixture of ambient and downtempo with a dash of experimental. Marie-Louise Munch completes the sound by providing ethereal vocal accompaniment to Hansen's electronics.

"Memo" and the original version of "Here to Go" are from Antenne's debut full-length, #1. The sublimely skittish Metamatics (Lee Anthony Norris of Tone Language) remix of "Here to Go" is featured on the "Here to Go" maxi-single. The latter disc also features remixes from Full Swing (Orthlorng Musork and Mille Plateaux), Zammuto (ApartmentB), Acceleradeck, and Goem. Antenne is a band that could easily cross over into the mainstream, so keep an eye out for them and remember, you heard it here first.