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DJsFlux and Rinse (who together comprise Anamorphic) have been San Francisco's favorite flavors of drum and bass for years now, representing the B.A.S.S. Kru in the Bay Area and abroad. Their mix tapes are much lauded among fans and fellow DJs as well. They also founded Compound Records, the West Coast's first all drum and bass, all the time record store. What will they think of next? A drum and bass record label, of course!

Epitonic is proud to present "Geltab," the Anamorphic track from Compound Records' first single. It oozes with the hybrid style that is becoming the trademark of Bay Area junglists: tight, minimal lockstep breaks, dark menacing columns of bass voltage, spaced out loops, and full clips of dance floor ammunition. Atmospheric purists will flee in terror when this drops, but the hardcore kids will chomp their lollipops in single bites.

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