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Imagine if Pavement went on the road, not to tour but to do a little anthropological investigation into the strange and various regional musics of America, the sundry transmutations of folk, country, blues, rock, and so on, you know, sort of Harry Smith style. Then imagine if they appropriated all the sounds they had discovered into their distinctive sloppy, fractured, slacker rock style. If they did, they'd sound quite a bit like AM/FM. There are tastes of mountain music, sunny California pop, discordant post-punk, plaintive honky-tonk, and much more, all of them bled through fuzzy indie rock compositions.

AM/FM is the duo of Brian Sokel (Franklin) and Michael Parsell (Frail, The Science Of). They began recording together shortly after the dissolution of Franklin, recruiting friends from bands like Aspera Ad Astra, Franklin, and Ink & Dagger to help them fill in the blank spaces in their songs. The duo issued their Audiot EP in 1999. Their debut full-length, Mutilate Us, and their sophomore album, Getting Into Sinking, both came in 2001. They followed these up with the EP The Sky Is the New Ground in 2002.