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American Steel

Bay Area punk band American Steel formed in 1995 and soon released a seven-inch on San Francisco's New Disorder Records. A whirlwind of touring and recording followed, resulting in a self-titled full-length. Engineered by Kevin Army and released by New Disorder, the record garnered immense praise in the underground punk community. In early 1999, American Steel signed to Lookout Records and soon released a second full-length, Rogue's March.

Both albums are chock full of plain and simple, straight from the heart, stand-up-and-scream punk that doesn't get distracted by irony. American Steel wears its influences (The Clash, Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine) proudly, but isn't limited by them: shades of Motown color many of the songs on Rogue's March, including the featured "Got a Backbeat." Singer Ruichi's voice is strong and rough around the edges like a seasoned chopping block, pouring earnest passion into every line while guitars ring and roar over the rhythm section's propulsive beats. The music is both fierce and melodic, combining feverish energy and reserved contemplation into a not-so-neat package.

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