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Altar Eagle

Altar Eagle is the husband and wife duo of Brad Rose and Eden Hemming Rose. Brad is also well known as the head honcho at Digitalis Records and he performs under several other guises, most notably The North Sea and Charlatan. As Altar Eagle the pair make off-kilter pop in the 4AD vein, with bands like Cocteau Twins providing the influence. 

Altar Eagle finds itself nestled somewhere between the icy drum machine pop of Cold Cave, the kosmische refractions of Emeralds and the classic layered shoegaze of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. Eden Hemming and Brad Rose have previously made music together as Corsican Paintbrush, before changing their name and style on a pair of sought-after cassettes absorbing darkwave pop genius and the first wave techno moods of Juan Atkins. With a heavy heart and distorted touch, they’ve drafted a deeply affected sound where vocals are typically half-heard and happy to be so, while an ongoing mastery of their analogue synths lends a flush of wide-eyed man/machine pop potential.

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