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The first recording from Alp is an investigation of unassuming everyday sounds that might normally go unnoticed. Roger Horberry, the auricular detective behind Alp, who also spends time in the noted ethno-ambient ensemble O Yuki Conjugate (with Andrew Hulme of O Yuki Conjugate), had been listening to all the tiny sounds in his apartment in Amsterdam -- the heating ducts, the washing machine, the kettle of water boiling on the stove -- and began to wonder what beauty lay dormant in these sounds just barely within the range of human perception. What he found through his contact mic recordings of these everyday noises was amazing.

After some digital tweaking, Horberry's collages have become handsome dronological pieces that extend the references of the everyday, using a refrigerator harmonizing with boiling water to parallel Arvo Pärt choral music, and a rhythmically perfect washing machine to echo Wolfgang Voigt's (Gas, Mike Ink) technotic monophunk. As improbable as references between definite musical arenas and banal kitchen appliances may be, Horberry's genius lies in bridging the gap between them to create a weightless album of dark ambient deep-space reverberations and shimmering sound refractions with sounds that can be found in the comfort of your own home.