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Alien Soap Opera

Alien Soap Opera was formed in Cairo, Egypt by Amir Abdel Magid and Greg Hunter. In the summer of 1993, Hunter was in Cairo recording an album with the band Killing Joke, and he met Magid, who was recording in the same studio. The day before Hunter was due to leave Egypt he went to the studio, where Magid asked him to do a mix of a track that evening. He agreed to do it, the mix went well, and in the morning Magid and Hunter decided to form a band which they later named Alien Soap Opera.

Over the next four years, Hunter lived in Cairo co-writing with Magid and collaborating on various projects, living with Arabs, producing/mixing Arabic music, and touring in the Gulf.
Magid is a musician/producer/arranger famous throughout the Middle East for his Kanoon (Egyptian Harp) playing, his recordings, and his live performances. He is a familiar sight on Arabic TV, and he regularly tours with his orchestra throughout the world, performing Arabic music.

Hunter is a musician/engineer/producer in the U.K. He is well-known for his engineering/production with many varied artists such as Paul McCartney, the Orb, Crowded House and Killing Joke to name a few. More recently, he has been writing his own material -- as Alien Soap Opera on Electric Melt Records and as Subsurfing on Sony -- to critical acclaim.

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