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AbA Structure

Since its formation in 1995, San Francisco-based AbA Structure has built an international following, secured through sensational live performances with Orb, Psychik Warriors of Gaia, Underworld, and Freaky Chakra. Producer Kenji Williams, a classically trained violinist who also played in several reggae dub bands prior to forming AbA Structure, utilizes his eclectic background in fusing dub, classical, and electronica into a dense musical cocktail. AbA Structure's diverse sound runs the gamut from melodic trance to soulful techno, stompy house to ethnic dub, trip hop to ambient electronica.

Since Fungus Productions' release of AbA's first EP, Terra/Illusion, the track, "Illusion," has become an underground classic. For a time it was the most-requested track on, and it also appeared on a John Digweed mix CD, Bedrock.

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